Range Rover Sport by SR Auto Group

12 Sep 2012 1:59 pm | Cars, Land Rover

A lot of SUV owners would like to fit their car the biggest rims possible, but it’s usually pretty hard to find the right wheels for a big SUV. Fortunately, the guys from SR Auto Group are really skilled at this and they’ve recently made a couple of tweaks to a Range Rover Sport.

The Canadian tuning shop has recently paired a Range Rover Sport with a brand new set of designer rims – the 3HREE DEEPTH, signed PUR. They measure 22 inches in diameter and boast with a Gloss Lumiere lip and a Modern Black face.

The specialists at SR Auto said that “at a first glance, the spokes seem like your standard straight edged design but as you get closer you begin to notice all the fine details. Each side of the spoke is etched with a staggered weight saving groove.” Quite a nice design indeed and, most importantly, they really seem to fit the SUV. Good job!

[SR Auto Group]