Range Rover Sport by Caractere Exclusive

16 Jan 2015 12:18 pm | Cars, Land Rover

Caractere Exclusive is introducing an aftermarket visual package for the Range Rover Sport, and as you can easily, it’s pretty gorgeous. I’ve often said that the Evoque model was basically meant for soccer players and rich, hot babes around the world. This particular body-kit reminds me of that particular model, so I wonder: who was this meant for? Well, if you’re not satisfied with the stock appearance of the Range Rover Sport, then this is for you.

Caractere Exclusive have developed a styling kit manufactured from polyurethane. The body-kit includes a custom front bumper, roof-mounted spoiler, fender flares and a different rear spoiler housing a more prominent diffuser and two large trapezoidal exhaust tips. For now, Caractere Exclusive has released only digital renders of their work; but sure enough, we’ll get to admire the real thing pretty soon. Their modified Range Rover Sport will ride on a new set of 22-inch alloys with a graphite finish. We’ll just have to wait for it.