Range Rover Vogue by Forgiato Wheels

10 Aug 2015 9:12 am | Cars, Land Rover


Range Rover Vogue by Forgiato Wheels 

When you see that a car has been tuned by Forgiato, you should expect all but an understated creation and this also goes for the Range Rover Vogue you can see in the pictures.


Looking at other  Range Rovers, I have often wondered how big should the wheels be to look sufficient, or even big on this car and I finally got my answer. 26 inches – this is what Forgiato has installed on this car and they look absolutely amazing.


Other than that they added new bumpers with huge air intakes, gloss black grille, massive side skirts, LED lights, rare spoiler and a diffuser. They even added a new side grille which looks a lot better than the original one.


However, the best thing about this car has to be the color combination. The general black and white theme goes over the entire car. The body color is predominantly white but everything from the windows up is black, as is the grill, side accents, air intakes and diffuser. The wheels are a special thing as well. The eight sharpened spokes are white while everything else is black, again emphasizing the contrast.