Rolls Royce Ghost by Wald International

13 Apr 2013 9:07 am | Cars, Rolls Royce

Wald International are renowned as some of the best luxury car tuners in the world and this staggering Rolls Royce Ghost worked out by them doesn’t disappoint. It further proves these guys mean business.

This handful of Japanese folk are doing well in tuning up both luxury cars and supercars, with many examples that we’ve already displayed throughout the existence of TuningCult. Yet again, here’s another proof of their exquisite expertise, a superbly tweaked and garnished Rolls Royce Ghost.

This is in fact a stunning recreation of the Ghost, which makes it not just an extremely luxurious four-wheeler but also a car to be loved by wealthy rappers and lovers of bling-bling. This custom made bodywork includes a complete body kit and no performance upgrades, so far as we know.

It was gorgeously photographed by Robert of RRDesigns and here’s the result. Enjoy!

[Wald International]