Rolls-Royce Ghost by Wald International

22 Jul 2012 2:00 pm | Cars, Rolls Royce

These photos make us wonder – why would the ultimate luxury car need additional upgrades? Why would anyone embark on such an excruciatingly hard task of improving a Rolls Royce – the king of automotive luxury. Perhaps Wald, the Japanese tuner we’re talking about, has managed to answer the questions. Let’s find out, shall we?

Their extreme styling kit which is usually called ‘Black Bison’ was chosen to be mounted on the Rolls Royce Ghost. The elegant limousine was consequently turned into an exquisite road freak, an opulent bit of motoring, mostly likeable by magnates or, as our friends on Carbuzz said, Las Vegas casino managers.

What staggered us the most in the images was the fierce look of the once calm and gentle Rolls Royce. A pair of huge intakes look almost ready to swallow us. The appearance of the car has been drastically changed, through the package that consists of LED daytime running lights, new front fascia, new grille and bumper, side skirts, a large rear diffuser, and a small, spoiler-like addition to the boot lid.

Riding on a new set of huge alloys and spitting out gases through a set of quad exhaust tips, this car is as staggering at a first glance as it is imposing and respectable. As for the interior, we can’t assert that it received new trims or other improvements. We’re just going to wait a bit more on this matter.

In conclusion, I think I got the answer to the aforementioned question. This was a test and a challenge for Wald to overpass themselves, while, as for the car, it is now worthy of respect. It is personality on wheels.