Rusty Cadillac Escalade by Metro Wrapz

18 Sep 2015 12:26 am | Cadillac, Cars


Rusty Cadillac Escalade by Metro Wrapz

Of all of the wraps we have seen so far, this one is definitely among the best. Metro Wrapz made this Cadillac Escalade look completely unique and unforgettable. Basically, the car’s exterior looks like a rusty metal door all together with the exposed bolts.


The rest seems the flow down the body creating the biggest problems in the areas that the bottom or around anything exposed and body, such as the door handles, much like real rust would. It is actually incredibly unbelievable how realistic this wrap looks.


There are, however, some hints which can show us that the car is not really rusty. The light blue set of Forgiato wheels and the chrome grille look absolutely spotless and beautiful even surrounded by such a believable wrap. We have to wonder if these parts will receive similar treatment in the future.