Suzuki 750 Inazuma Scrambler by Rock Motorcycles

2 Oct 2013 7:02 pm | Bikes, Suzuki Motorcycles

A well-build dirt bike is an amazing machine, not to mention fun to ride or simply to look at. It seems Italy-based Rock Motorcycles went crazy – in a good way – and came up with this “Golden Brown” project, that could may well serve as a great definition for “scrambler perfection“. Rock Motorcycles based this project on a no-nonsense Suzuki Inazuma 750 machine that had plenty of brawn to spare.

After being tore down to pieces, the Suzuki Inazuma got a frame job for that classic scrambler rear end and a new seat. The engine, frame, forks and other body parts received a fresh paint-job for that cool and retro look, with an exquisite satin golden brown livery that matches incredibly the rest of the machine, chrome and steel accents. The handlebar was replaced with a drag one, in turn rotated for a low-swung retro look. The Bates headlight fits perfectly, while the tiny gauge – LED-lit in mesmerizing blue – reminds you you’re not in the 80’s anymore; this single-gauge dash may look retro but it is in fact a modern piece of technology, with a multi-function LCD and all.

There’s no ignoring the  custom 4-into-1 MotoGP-style exhaust and dual gas-charged rear shocks, retro fork gaiters ang high-performance petal rotors that really state the obvious: we’re dealing with a sports bike with retro looks and off-road might; don’t forget the dual-sport tires and laced wheels. And we’ve got ourselves a dream-machine; can’t really decide if it’s Japanese or Italian, but.. Who cares about that anymore?