Suzuki B King by Vilner

21 Oct 2013 6:39 pm | Bikes, Suzuki Motorcycles

Cool bikes aside, there’s a suitable Suzuki for everyone; sure, you may deny it, but there’s something about this Japanese manufacturer that always makes you go: “Hmm.. I like it!” It also may be that Bulgarian custom shop Vilner, in charge of adding more coolness where none things is possible, agrees with me, seeing that they’ve just showed us their latest project, a Suzuki B King.

Don’t be fooled! This bike may look similar to the Suzuki Hayabusa , but the Suzuki B King is a big-bore street-fighter boasting a cool, edgy design; not edgy enough for the owner, it would seem, since he allowed Vilner to have their go at making this a one-of-a-kind bike. To that end, Vilner designed and manufactured 7 upgrades for the B King – should be enough to turn this bike exclusive.

The rear section of the Suzuki B King was entirely modified, discarding the OEM exhausts and replacing them with new ones in carbon fiber trim – with matching lateral accents. Vilner also modified the headlight area, inserting black accents – adding to the aggressive stance of the bike, as does the belly pan does. Ostrich leather on  the custom seat will definitely offer the comfort you desire, although I’m not really thinking sports bike when ostrich leather comes to mind. It’s up to you guys to decide if the Vilner Suzuki B King looks better than the stock machine I, for one, am mad for not affording it!