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Suzuki B King by Vilner

By : Kevin | 21 Oct 2013 6:39 pm | Bikes, Suzuki Motorcycles

Cool bikes aside, there’s a suitable Suzuki for everyone; sure, you may deny it, but there’s something about this Japanese manufacturer that always makes you go: “Hmm.. I like it!” It also may be that Bulgarian custom shop Vilner, in charge of adding more coolness where none things is possible, agrees with me, seeing that they’ve just showed us their latest project, a Suzuki B King. Don’t be fooled! This bike may look similar to the Suzuki Hayabusa , but…

Suzuki Hayabusa by Roland Sands

By : Kevin | 9 Oct 2013 2:36 pm | Bikes, Suzuki Motorcycles

If you’re one of the lucky bastards that owns a Suzuki Hayabusa, let’s get one thing straight: I hate you! Now, let move on to more interesting stuff, shall we? Clearly, the Hayabusa is the least common bike; probably the reason why Roland Sands workshop decided to fiddle around with it in the first place. It’s good news, nonetheless,  since we get the chance to drool at a one-of-a-kind Suzuki. So, let’s find out if Roland Sands has all the…

Suzuki 750 Inazuma Scrambler by Rock Motorcycles

By : Kevin | 2 Oct 2013 7:02 pm | Bikes, Suzuki Motorcycles

A well-build dirt bike is an amazing machine, not to mention fun to ride or simply to look at. It seems Italy-based Rock Motorcycles went crazy – in a good way – and came up with this “Golden Brown” project, that could may well serve as a great definition for “scrambler perfection“. Rock Motorcycles based this project on a no-nonsense Suzuki Inazuma 750 machine that had plenty of brawn to spare. After being tore down to pieces, the Suzuki Inazuma…