TDI-Tuning Jaguar XF

11 Aug 2015 9:59 am | Cars, Jaguar


TDI-Tuning Jaguar XF

Contrary to many a petrolhead, I have to say that I have always had lots of love for diesels, even way before they were the modern common rail machines which are usually good enough to compete with their gasoline guzzling counterparts, especially if we are talking about smaller engines. Furthermore, they are far more susceptible to chip tuning.


Having this in mind, and the fact that some of the best diesels come from Jaguar, I was eager to see what the guys from TDI-Tuning did with the 3 l V6 diesel powering the Jaguar XF. And they did not disappoint.


The software upgrade has a pretty long name that I’ll mention here only so that you can know what to ask for. And you’ll want to ask for the CRTD2 Twin Channel Digital Diesel Tuning Box, since it ups the power of the Jaguar XF’s  6-pot by 70 HP and 71lb-ft of torque. All this adds up to 341 HP and 514 lb-ft of torque, which makes this praised car even more of a badass. Furthermore, adding power and torque without making any other changes means that the car is far more responsive, so, in practise, it also requires less of a throttle push, so the fuel consumption improves by about 4 to 6 mpg.

And the best thing is yet to come. The power increase and fuel consumption decrease comes for a more than acceptable price of 300 GB pounds. Now you see why I love the diesels?