The Atlas Bobber by Bantit9

17 Sep 2013 12:00 pm | Bikes, Yamaha

I wouldn’t ride a bobber, it seems painfully uncomfortable, but to look at it.. that’s a different story! Staring at this China-based workshop masterpiece is a life-time job; Bandit9 is rolling out a new bike. The masterful artist Daryl Villaueva came up with an even more extreme bike than the Hephaestus. Here it is, the Atlas, a killer-looking bobber.

At its origins stands a Yamaha XVS 400, yet the Atlas now knows a new life, with that sexy body and all of those perfect curves that turn heads the moment it’s awesome looks gets your attention; and that happens in an instant. Sure, it might seem to you I’m describing this bike as it were a woman, but this bike is much more sexy, it’s actually turning me on. I’m freaky that way.

Daryl had a lot of work ahead of him; to get the Atlas to this level of perfection he had to completely rebuild both engine and transmission and bring them back up to spec. The rest was freestyle fun and joy: frame, fork, bars, the hard-core front brake bracket and the gun-like looking pipes. The rear fender and tail light, headlight and seat were all built in-house. The fuel tank looks like a helmet protecting a soldier, tough and practical yet beautifully designed.

Beauty always comes with a price, except this one. The Atlas is a one-off job – sorry guys, I feel the same way – so the only way ot enjoy it is by looking at the pics below. One thing’s for sure: the Chinese tuner is doing it right and Daryl should definitely keep them coming. Maybe, one of these day, we might even get the chance to buy one of his creations.