The Stelvio Tricolore by Luca Bar

4 Nov 2013 12:00 pm | Bikes, Moto Guzzi

If you’re into hardcore bikes that look cool and are able to offer you limitless pleasure – no matter the terrain you’re riding on – then look no further than Moto Guzzi. They feature these transverse v-twin engines that make you feel like living in an age long-gone. Aside from that, the Guzzi bikes are modern machines; and Luca Bar knows this. Moreover, his ideas for the brand and its products are trying to make you realize that – in case you’ve been missing that. Right!

The Stelvio is Guzzi’s big-bore enduro-touring machine – and it’s a beast! With its mean and better-equipped NTX version, the Stelvio can outclass pretty much any other bike, while still remaining boring; you see, this bike was meant to be abused, which is why manufacturers don’t really pay any attention to fancy colors and styling; it’s a fact! Which is why some owners are not completely happy with the end results. Their Stelvio might actually look just as good as any racer, it’s desirable and possible. Enter Luca Bar!

Particularly,  this Stelvio looks damn stylish while flaunting a new livery in Italy’s national flag colors, one evoking the older “Coppa Italia”, with concentric circles. Obviously, I would have gone with some carbon fiber, matte black and luscious white finishes, but that’s just me; this ain’t my bike, but it’s still worth some drooling over. It’s the Stelvio, aftter all!