Toyota GT 86 with an LF-A look by DAMD

30 Jan 2013 11:33 am | Cars, Toyota

I’m a bit intrigued, I have to admit! Many automotive enthusiasts say the Toyota GT 86 looks strikingly similar to the Lexus LF-A. Well, these cars aren’t even in the same league, if you ask me, nor in terms of performance, nor concerning looks. But here’s a gorgeous body kit that puts the Toyota closer to the LF-A.

The specialists at DAMD have named their creation the Toyota LFT-86 – it’s quite easy to guest the origin of this nomination. They have modified the bumper and the triangular shaped side vents of the Toyota in such a way that they now really appear to be coming from the Lexus.

Furthermore, DAMD has modified the car’s side skirts, for the same purposes, alongside the rear bumper with honeycomb ventilation design, the inverted pyramid-style triple exit tailpipes and the diffuser.

The main difference between these two cars is related to performance, though. Although the LF-A delivers a whopping 560 HP out of its 4.8-liter V10 engine, the GT 86 only manages to pull out around 200 HP.