Toyota Tundra Diablo by Devolro

22 Jul 2014 12:00 pm | Cars, Toyota

No matter your preferences in super-car or off-road vehicles, you hate to admit that the factory-built Ford F-150 Raptor was a hit. What’s not to like about a street legal trophy truck with a comfy cabin for five? Since no other manufacturer has attacked this market niche, it’s up to aftermarket specialists to fill in the void and satisfy customer demand and expectations. So, the question is: how about a Toyota?

no, not that Prius garbage everyone is praising, but this menacing modded Toyota Tundra courtesy of Miami-based Devolro garage. This ride looks like is more than capable to handle whatever you throw at it: a Baja race, some Russian mountains or a zombie apocalypse. Since Devolro has branches in Russia and Mongolia, I’m guessing there will be no lack of orders or demands for the vehicle.

The Toyota features massive wheels and off-road tires, a lift kit (a 7-incher, in this case), plus new body components, such as a tougher front bumper/grille guard combination, fender flares, and a cap to turn the bed into and enclosed cargo area. The Diablo, as the tuner has dubbed this modified Toyota, also features a swank new interior, with infotainment system upgrades and some other optionals, like luxurious upholstery or hand-stitched leather. You have to kill zombies in style, there’s no other way.

The Toyota Racing Development supercharger kit was fitted onto the ca, enabling the 5.7L V8’s engine to develop 520 horsepower, but don’t worry; the Diablo can also be ordered with a 49.4 gallon fuel tank to keep up into the battle for as long as necessary. The zombies will have to wait, though, as no price-tag has been added to this bad-ass Toyota, yet; feel free to speculate it won’t be cheap.