Triumph Tridays Rumbler by Jens vom Brauck & LSL

31 May 2012 11:05 pm | Bikes, Triumph

TRIDAYS 2012 is apparently the world’s largest gathering of Triumph motorcycles enthusiasts, a place where a lot of exclusive and custom Triumph bikes are showcased every single year. One of the one-off bikes that will be premiered this year is this beauty: the Triumph Tridays Rumbler, made by Jens vom Brauck & LSL, which is actually inspired by the classic Triumph Strambler.

Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler of German Shop LSL added the necessary modifications to the bike, from Pirelli studded tires, new brakes, Ohlins springs, roadster handlebars and so on. All parts from this one-off Triumph Tridays Rumbler are available everywhere so, in case you’re interested in turning your bike into retro-looking beauty, you can do it.

The Triumph Tridays Rumbler is going to participate in the first ever Tridays Rumble Race next month so, in you’re there, don’t miss it!