VW Scirocco by Vossen Wheels

26 Jun 2015 5:17 pm | Cars, Volkswagen


VW Scirocco by Vossen Wheels

The VW Scirocco might seem pretty common compared to other cars that Vossen deals with, but the changes here have been so extensive that the VW Scirocco can proudly stand next to their other creations.

The car features VLE-1 Limited Edition Wheels by Vossen in gloss graphite.  This color really works well with the white paint job of the exterior, since the color contrast and the VW Scirocco’s less attention-grabbing styling (compared to other Vossen creations) really put the spotlight on the wheels. In order to slam the car so far to the ground, they did away with the stock suspension completely and installed a custom air suspension.


The interior has also been altered.  The first thing you will notice is that there are no rear seats and that their place has been filled with three air tanks used for the suspension.  Stereo system must also be amazing having in mind the size of the subwoofer at the back.  The driver and passenger will enjoy very sporty bucket seats from the Porsche GT3.