Zephyr by Bull Motorcycles

26 Sep 2013 12:00 pm | Bikes, Harley Davidson

That time again, when I get the opportunity to enjoy tell you about another Harley-Davidson bike, a custom built one – obviously. The truth is that few brand names and custom bikes are considered more than “OK”. Bull Motorcycles is definitely one of those brands, not to mention their latest project: the Zephyr.

I don’t know why, but the second you look at the bike, you realize the Zephyr is a suitable name; it just is. With almost nothing remaining in a shape close to the stock state, the Zephyr has received a completely new character which is simply astonishing. No shiny paintwork, no chromed parts, just hard-core, badass pure metal looks which are as cool as they are classy. I does look a bit like built in the future, say.. Terminator looks.

The tuning team completely stripped the Sportster and modified the frame to accommodate the S&S Cycles Sidewinder big bore kit which took displacement to 1450cc (89 cui). The adjustable push-rods and the Dyna ignition really came into place and fitted the bike like a glove.

The swing-arm received reinforcements that also matching the rest of the sleek design, while every cover which could be machined got a fin design. The minimalist bodywork is beautifully complemented by the cool metal shine, but the special satin “chameleon” bronze frame – which shifts color according to the light – is really a killer.

I love the wheels, they look tough and indestructible, custom contrast cut with Russell rotors and ISR brakes (controls and master cylinders); the flared stainless steel 2-into-1 exhaust looks like a damn canon ready to fire – not far from the truth, I guess. Steel braided oil and brake lines, old-school looking race seat pan and rear cowl, a Wide Glide fork with los-swung bars – this package sums up to a awesome bike, Zephyr – ’cause no one sees the Harley anymore.